Taking Over [Overdose Cypher]

by Ember Dash

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I suppose I'm a little late to this party! But I LOVE Madhouse for Equines and couldn't miss this chance, so everyone, here's my part of the cypher! Calling out one of my best pony brony rapper friends Flowster (Rhyme Flow). Drop a like if you want, and sub if you haven't? Have a good night/day guys!
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Cold sweat you told the ref I'm addicted too
The game changers the same danger of stabbin through
The whole bodies with told copies of killing, view
The corpses force us to vomit but I'm just walking through

I hope you what Im sayin with weighing in on the fact
That Im addicted to killin these words and verses on tracks
Go head cry if you want
No one will hear ya when I stop it with my foot in a stomp

Where's your god when you need em
There up back in heaven poppin pills while your heavin
I got what I needed, a plan to be the heathen
Its cohesion put together, assassinate its treason

I got a reason just to please myself
I got no alibi so say goodbye look out for your health
I use stealth upon my enemies with bountiful wealth
They got bodyguards but Ima god with heads on my shelf





Ember Dash San Diego, California

I'm an amateur producer and rapper who loves making music! And some of said music will have technicolor ponies! So yeah! ENJOY!

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