Moving Forward -Ft. DaWillstanator & ATH-

by Ember Dash

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You ever fight with yourself? If your really good or not? If you can ever even make it in the real world doing what you love? All the time. People tell you your not good enough and you listen, but people tell you that you have potential and you feel it, just deep down, something telling you your going to make it where you want to be, nothing stands in the way except yourself. You can be your own worst enemy, battling in your mind between verses and lines, what sounds good and what doesn't, but in the end, all that matters is what started it all, raw passion and feelings to do what you want, and with that, you just got to keep moving forward, no matter what.


It's been 3
Straight nights, haven't come up with anything yet. everything has gone south. many things are unchecked
on my life's list. my composition is lifeless. I get tight pissed causse of high stress, it's a big mess
it used to be blank canvas. but something is turning what i scribble to straight madness
my brains gotta stop this nonsense cause I get nausious from staring at these splotches
I was warned of the cautions concerning my conscience getting unconcious through all this
Upon this page lies the rage seepin thru my brain i just might go insane
should I just let go of both bows and let my foes flow. become a no show
or just move forward despite my lows though. Should i stay or should I go. I don't know

Oh I'm stuck in daydreams
Where can I go?
Oh I see the same thing
Every single show

But wait
a second dark side to this coin flip. disappointment from my closest. Tight links disjointed
Annoyed with the glitz and glam. me not giving a damn about fam. getting buried in mag ads
And billboards staring back at me/a dark fantasy. a slave to the fame. Can't you see?
Trapped under a storm cloud of fears. If there was nothing missing in my life why do I see tears
My intention was to follow my vision and garner simple attention from Ponyville to Canterlot
Why can I not keep my own world spinnin if I can't keep winning. Somepony please tell me what will happen when it stops
i'm scared to trot. this mare is not prepared to risk it all for the nightmare for hot
flames from the fame could rain on my whole universe. How can i move forward if i'm heading in reverse

Oh I'm stuck in daydreams
Where can I go?
Oh I see the same thing
Every single show
So I've heard it once before more
Bass another score for
People in the crowd, singin loud
They want more torn papers on the floor
But Im just so buckin sore
Stuck in loops I'll just keep truckin
Til' somethin' pops out the floor boards
But still the same wind blows
Feelin' it as it goes
So cold to the bone it grows
No longer am I so bold
And it lifts you up in the sky
Wings flap like the pegasi
And I see these flashing signs
Telling me that my mind is mine
But let me tell them one thing
Something is changing I think
Im on the brink of finding
The perfect scores unwinding
And it hits you with a bang, aim
Pen to paper writing the notes dang
You never know, never show
What the stress does, t-t-take it slow
Yeah just relax
Feel the music seep through cracks
Let the magic stack and stack
All the people scream and clap
Rise, up out of their seats
Your at the border line
Don't accept defeat
Keep moving forward now


released April 4, 2014




Ember Dash San Diego, California

I'm an amateur producer and rapper who loves making music! And some of said music will have technicolor ponies! So yeah! ENJOY!

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